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LKT-DP60 Series Capacitors

Power Quality Solutions,, SAFER, STRONGER, CSA Approved, Power Factor Correction 3 Phase Capacitors.

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Safer, Stronger AC Power Capacitors! 

Advanced Technology Capacitors

Offering high reliability precision components, FRAKO AC Power Capacitors are ideal for power factor improvement, tuned filters and other power quality filter systems.  Triple safety protection and high current capability are combined to deliver dependable performance under extreme conditions.

Available in three distinct specification levels:

Standard (Type DP) for normal PFC and harmonic filters

Premium (Type DL) for higher harmonic levels or ambient conditions

Heavy Duty (Type HD) for extreme harmonic levels or ambient conditions

  • General Specifications :
    • 3 Phase
    • Dry-Type
    • From 1 to 30kVAR
    • Available from 240 to 800V
  • Features LKT-DP60 :
    • Continuous Ambient Temperature w/o De-rating 60 C/140 F
    • High Current capability up to 150% of nominal current-continuous
    • Up to 4000 Meters Altitude w/o De-rating
    • Integrated discharge resistors
    • Triple Safety Feature ( Self healing MPP film, Segmented Metalization, Over-pressure protection)
  • Options :
    • Optional Wiring terminal Type AKD / UL Terminal Block
      • Fast, easy to wire
      • Fingersafe
      • Vibration proof
      • Large wire capacity (14awg to 6awg), solid, stranded, flexible
    • LKT-DL60 Premium Series Capacitors (65 C/149 F & 180% nominal current-continuous)
    • LKT-HD60 Heavy Duty Series Capacitors (68 C/154 F & 225% nominal current-continuous)


    CSA Mark (FR) C-UR-US Mark (FR)

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