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TMB Series

TMB Series

Ultra reliable industrial control transformer, TMB series is a high quality encapsulated transformer available with/out primary/secondary fusing capability for cooler and safe operation

  • Electrical specifications:
    • Single phase
    • Power rating: 25 to 1000 VA
    • Operating frequency: 60 Hz
    • Insulation class: Class B (130°C)
    • Temperature rise: < 80°C
    • Noise level: < 40 dB
    • Insulation tested at a minimum of 2500 Vrms Hi POT
  • Features:
    • Epoxy encapsulated coils for cooler, safer operation
    • Molded terminal barriers
    • 10-32 screw terminals
    • Phil-slot screws
    • SEMS screw terminal strips as an integral part of the coil bobbin
    • Fusion-welded coil terminations instead of solder joints
    • Face-on terminal labels with large schematic indicators
    • Standard strap brackets
    • 20 year warranty
  • Custom options available:
    • Special voltages
    • IP-20 cover kits (quick conversion to an IP-20 safety level)
    • Primary fusing
    • Secondary fuse clips (where applicable)
    • Mounting plate on transformer top

      CSA Mark (FR)    UL Listing Mark   PB-free

Specification sheets

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018