Transfab TMS


Reliability, simplicity and efficiency ... for over 20 years.

Transfab TMS manufactures and offers a wide range of electrical and electronic products that we continuously enrich and improve in order to better meet the specific and general needs of OEMs and distributors throughout North America.

Transfab TMS is dedicated to listening to its customers and always strives to thoroughly understand their needs in order to develop and deliver personalized and outstandingly effective power quality, automation and control, and magnetic component solutions. As a manufacturer, Transfab TMS knows how to innovate and create value-added solutions that not only exceed the quality standards of the industry, but also help to increase the profitability and productivity of its customers and partners.

It is through providing a fast and efficient personalized customer service in both solution and execution modes that Transfab TMS has earned the trust and loyalty of its customers and partners. Whether at the prototype stage, in preproduction or production, everyone involved can be confident that TMS has the best expertise and technology on the market.

The broader range of Transfab TMS solutions includes: Power quality filters, EMC filters, variable speed drive braking resistors, control transformers, low voltage lighting transformers, solutions for customization and special application.

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