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Analyzer Harmonic Software

Analyzer Harmonic Software

TCI has created one of the most user-friendly harmonic modeling tools currently available on the market today. In order to create a model, you need only know the kVA and impedance of the primary transformer or the available short circuit current rating. Once that information has been entered, it’s time to provide the specifics of your load. Simply enter both the linear and non-linear loads in the form of horse power based on drive type and filtering option. The only thing left to do is to click on the calculate button. Please visit the Help file provided within the software package to learn more about the features and usage of Analyzer Software.

Either save the file to your hard drive or open it directly from the web page. Enter your name and your company’s name, which will appear on any printed reports, and the installation process is complete. If you require assistance during the installation process, please contact us at

By entering in a minimal amount of system data, you can determine the current and voltage distortion under varying supply and filtering conditions. The software also quickly lets you know whether or not your system complies with the harmonic limits set forth by IEEE 519-1992. A compliance indicator will display a yes or a no for easy interpretation. Analyzer Software even supplies the ISC/IL value so that you can review your results with the provided table.

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