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DX-CSA Series

DX-CSA Series

The DX EPOXY-POTTED NEMA 3R enclosure control transformers are specially designed for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for corrosive, damp, humid or dusty environments. Recommended for applications in mechanically hazardous locations such as conveyors, elevators and extruders. The DX series combines the electrical performance of the DO/DL/DC series with a rugged protection for harsh environments.

  • Electrical specifications:
    • Single phase
    • Power rating: 250 to 3000 VA
    • Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz or 60 Hz
    • Insulation class: Class B (130°C) from 250 to 1000 VA
      Class H (180°C) from 1500 to 3000 VA
    • Insulation tested at a minimum of 2500 Vrms Hi POT
  • Features:
    • V.V.I. (Vacuum Varnish Impregnated and baked)
                            at no additional cost
    • Standard weather proof 3R enclosure
    • Installation made easy with front and bottom terminal access
    • Standard 6'' lead length
    • Indicated additive polarity
  • Custom options available:
    • Special voltages and VA's
    • Custom winding configurations
    • Electrostatic shield
    • Autotransformer

      CSA Mark   PB-free

Specification sheets

DX-CSA series summary :
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