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HD NEMA1 Grid Braking Resistor Series

HD NEMA1 Grid Braking Resistor Series

Dynamic Braking Resistors for AC or DC drives, starting and speed regulation uses. Specially design for applications on cranes, trains, elevators, harmonic filters, neutral grounding resistors and load banks.

  • General specifications:
    • Stainless steel grid resistor class 9857
    • Standard grid resistor: Continuous current capacity: 27 to 91 A
      Resistance range (@25°C): 0.70 to 9.40 Ohms
      Low power motors, controllers
    • Heavy duty strip resistor: Continuous current capacity: 100 to 165 A
      Resistance range (@25°C): 0.24 to 0.61 Ohms
      Medium and high power motors
    • High current strip resistor: Continuous current capacity: 180 to 625 A
      Resistance range (@25°C): 0.04 to 0.27 Ohms
      High current loads
  • Features:
    • Double isolated for 1000 V AC/DC
    • Standard packages for 230, 460 and 575 V drives
    • Reliable stainless steel resistor elements and terminals
    • Stable resistance over wide temperature ranges
    • High wattage saves space, weight and cost
    • Standard 26.5" dimensions for quick replacement of other brands
    • Screened or louvered enclosures types
  • Custom options:
    • Custom grid resistors
    • Different assemblies
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