Transfab TMS
Toroidal Series

Toroidal Series

Toroidal transformers are typically found in medical, aerospace equipment, power transformers and autotransformers, audio systems, test and measurement systems, motor control centers, luminaires where low leakage magnetic flux and reduced space are required.

  • Electrical specifications:
    • Power rating: 15 to 1500 VA
    • Primary voltage rating: 100 to 600 Vac
    • Secondary voltage rating: up to 600 Vac
    • Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Features:
    • M-3 grade cores and up
    • Double-insulated magnet wire for higher consistent performance (up to 200°C)
    • High performance and reduced dimensions
    • Class B insulating materials
  • Custom options available:
    • Single, dual or multiple primaries available
    • Single or multiple secondaries windings
    • Physical size
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