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EN NEMA1 Wirewound Braking Resistor Series

EN NEMA1 Wirewound Braking Resistor Series

Dynamic Braking Resistors for AC or DC drives, starting and speed regulation uses. Specially design for applications on cranes, trains, elevators, harmonic filters, neutral grounding resistors and load banks.

  • General specifications:
    • 1 - 1300Ω   500 - 4500W                     NEMA1      Natural convection cooled
    • 1 - 1300Ω   5000 - 25000W                 NEMA1      Forced convection cooled
  • Features:
    • Isolated for 1000 V AC/DC
    • Resistor wired with high temperature wire
    • Well ventilated enclosure with durable ASA70 grey powder coated finish
    • Wall or roof mount
    • Front mounted nameplate with complete ratings
    • Prevent over voltage trip
    • Prevent overheating during normal braking cycles
  • Custom option:
    • Thermal overload (NC contacts)
    • Resistance and wattage values
    • Custom assembly
    • Open type available

CSA Mark

Specification sheets

Wirewound series summary :
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